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You got into healthcare to save patients, not PDFs.

Tennr's document reasoning model (RaeLLM™ 7B—trained on 3M+ documents) reads, reasons, and responds to your paperwork with a 97% human auto-approved rate, so your team can help people, not push paper

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Get Started
You were sold automation, but it was just more software for Sally

You were sold RPA and OCR, but your back office is still WTF.

Your referring providers don’t use ePrescribe, so they prescribe you PDFs.

Your best processor isn’t a microchip, it’s Michael. And it’s STILL illegal to clone him (in the US).


Our model has been trained on 3M+ documents and is auto-approved by humans 97% of the time with no edits. Our ML research team doesn’t get PTO because of that 3%.


We train models to understand the messy nature of healthcare documents.


We handle VOBs, PARs, EOBs and connect to your EHR so you can enjoy your BBQ.

From fax to feeling better, if you’re still dealing with .docs, you’re likely letting down the Docs.
How Tennr works...



Yup, we can classify this as an order.

We classify every incoming document hitting the fax. Whether it's a new or existing patient, additional documentation or documents only relevant to your billing team (e.g. an EOB or check) we classify and make sure it gets handled appropriately.



And, we found this diagnosis.

We extract & clean up patient information. First we extract patient information, diagnosis details, and all the qualification criteria you need to get rolling with a patient. If we detect anything missing, we request that missing information.



We qualify every patient.

Even when the quality of the handwriting is poor, we qualify every patient so you have what you need to stay compliant and get paid.



We auto-request more info via fax or automated calls.

We request missing information in any channel. When information is missing, we allow your team to automatically fax or call for necessary patient information- so nothing slips through the cracks.



We know which insurance plans you take.

We know if you take that insurance- You take BCBS, but you don’t take THAT BCBS. We make sure you have the right details according to nuanced payor guidelines. 



We’ll seek prior authorization.

We know if the patient is eligible and seek prior authorization. We'll send the insurance forms, fill out the portals, and handle calling so you'll get paid on time.



We’ll create patient charts.

We create the charts, so you can deliver the hits. We create the charts and put all relevant patient + billing information into your systems so you can process patients immediately.



Integration with any EHR.

We integrate with your EHR.



Your humans validate.

You have one job: approve. Our machines are good, but your best teammate is great. You can review and approve anything before we send or submit, so you can have confidence it's right. 97% of the time, you'll make no edits.



We talk to your patients.

We outreach to your patients wherever they are. Your patient should always know what the next 2-3 steps in the process are. So we tell them. We automatically text and email your patients every step of the way.

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