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How iSleep is growing without hiring after using Tennr



How Tennr cut patient servicing time by 98% for iSleep

Based out of Reno Nevada, iSleep HST provides sleep apnea testing and devices for Americans struggling with Sleep Apnea. Their business is inherently logistically challenging and human intensive from processing new patients to managing renewals.

"Basically any operational challenge we run into now, instead of thinking about hiring, I find myself realizing, 'wait we could just automate this with Tennr' and so it's fundamentally changed how we view the scalability and operations of this business"

6 people, full time

were needed to do referral intake, causing a backlog in manual work and lack of time to send devices to new patients.As a result, iSleep was constrained in their ability to grow by their ability to hire.


Referral intake is 1 person's job and it's mostly follow up.

iSleep was able to reorganize including every employee previously doing referral intake to follow-on patient coordination.

This unlocked the ability to process new patients, faster, while giving better care to existing patients.

As a result, iSleep has been able to scale their businesses without adding headcount and introduced Tennr to SleepQuest (another HME supplier).


How Tennr cut patient servicing time by 98% for iSleep


  • Reduced referral processing time from 15 minutes -> 15 seconds
  • Removed referral backlog and cut patient servicing time by 98%
  • Eliminated 94% of data entry errors


iSleep is a national full service DME providing a range of services.

The Challenge

Balancing processing speed and accuracy became hard after the organization rapidly expanded across the USA. More staff time was spent manually processing the increased volume of referrals, creating a manual bottleneck that led to slower, less satisfactory patient experiences.

The Solution

An end-to-tool that would parse incoming referrals and upload data to back office systems while keeping a human in the loop when needed.

Tennr was the obvious choice and one of the only solutions with zero headcount increase or migration cost that also kept a specialist in the loop.

Life with Tennr

Processing over 5,000 referrals every month while almost eliminating data entry errors entirely.