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Tennr isn't another tool for your team to learn. It's AI (yes, really) that uses your existing tools to automate the complex, laborious work that slows down your team, so you can do more with less.

What are Tennr process automations?

Providers constantly deal with an endless stream of digital paperwork, from referral management and scheduling to intake forms, prior authorizations, and claims processing. However, each of these processes may exist across different tools that often can't communicate with each other.

Keeping these workflows and the tools that power them up to date, accurate, and streamlined becomes a highly manual, error-prone, and time-consuming task that needs to be completed countless times every day.

Simply provide Tennr with a login, and it will securely integrate directly into all those different tools to automate workflows. This ensures that all systems are up-to-date, accurate, and lead to a successful billing cycle.

See what we can do for your practice

Keep your EMR up-to-date with the newest data for your patients from all sources
Quickly pull important data from referrals, treatment plans, or other messy documents to then automatically perform other tasks such as verification of benefits
Automate claim submission, payment posting, and denial management within your current systems
Automatically verify eligibility and benefits whenever you receive a referral

Purpose-built for providers

Seamless Integration

We prioritize compatibility and ease of integration. Tennr seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and straightforward transition. Our no-code workflow runner and quick deployment time enable your team to automate their workflows without disrupting their current operations.

Quick Deployment

With Tennr's assistance, you can set up and deploy your automation in a matter of days, not months. The no-code workflow builder allows for on-the-spot adjustments, eliminating downtime and instantly boosting operational efficiency.


Our automations focus on tackling manual tasks that are error-prone and tedious, minimizing the margin for error. While keeping the human-in-the-loop through product engagement and oversight, Tennr's automations free up your team's time for more important matters.

Unite Your Systems

We understand the challenges of using multiple systems for different aspects of your operations, such as eFax, EMR, RCM system, or Payor Portals. Tennr brings all these systems together, enabling seamless collaboration.

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