DermatologistOnCall: Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

DermatologistOnCall: Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

DermatologistOnCall is a straightforward online service for dependable skincare. For a flat rate of $95, you gain access to board-certified dermatologists, obtain your prescriptions with relative ease, and have the safety of secure messaging for follow-ups for 30 days after the visit. In this article, we'll share the key facts you need to know about DermatologistOnCall and how it can benefit you.

How much does DermatologistOnCall cost?

DermatologistOnCall doesn’t list their prices online, so if you want the specifics, contact them directly here. However, based on our industry knowledge, here's a rough idea of the price range:

For Individual Dermatologists or Small Practices:

  • Estimated Cost: Pay-per-consultation fee or a monthly subscription ranging from $200 to $500, depending on the volume of consultations and features included.

For Medium to Large Dermatology Groups:

  • Estimated Cost: Monthly subscription fees ranging from $500 to $2,000, with potential volume discounts based on the number of consultations and dermatologists using the platform.

For Hospitals and Healthcare Systems with Dermatology Departments:

  • Estimated Cost: Custom pricing based on the scale of the operation, which could include bulk consultation packages or a comprehensive subscription model. Prices may range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more per month.

Benefits and differentiators DermatologistOnCall

While DermatologistOnCall has many applications, three key areas are especially noteworthy:

  • Nationwide Network of Dermatologists: As a premier network of online dermatologists in the United States, DermatologistOnCall offers extensive reach and accessibility. Patients across the country can access over 3,000 skin, hair, and nail treatments through the platform. This nationwide network ensures that patients have access to specialized dermatological care regardless of their location.
  • No Appointment Needed: One of the key advantages of DermatologistOnCall is the ability for patients to start a visit whenever and wherever needed, without the requirement for a prior appointment. This feature significantly enhances accessibility and convenience for patients seeking dermatological care.
  • Scalable Platform for Various Practice Needs: DermatologistOnCall's platform can be scaled to fit the specific needs of a dermatology practice. It supports the participation of multiple providers and mid-level practitioners within a practice network. This scalability ensures that practices of different sizes and structures can effectively utilize the platform for their unique requirements.

Scenarios where DermatologistOnCall is a good choice

DermatologistOnCall's EMR shines in many scenarios. It's particularly advantageous for patients seeking quick and convenient dermatological consultations without the need for in-person appointments. For dermatologists looking to expand their practice and reach more patients, DermatologistOnCall's platform offers an efficient way to provide remote consultations. Additionally, healthcare providers aiming to improve patient satisfaction and engagement can benefit from the platform's secure messaging system, allowing for easy communication between patients and dermatologists for 30 days after the visit.

Scenarios where DermatologistOnCall may not be a good choice

For healthcare organizations needing wide-ranging integration with various medical fields, DermatologistOnCall's EMR might fall short. Its heavy dermatology focus limits its broad features needed for seamless collaboration. Large hospitals with intricate workflows and diverse services might find it too specialized and narrow. Plus, those who lean towards in-person consultations might not get much from its remote consultation design, primarily built for virtual visits.

While DermatologistOnCall excels in providing convenient and efficient dermatological consultations, its specialized focus and remote consultation model make it less ideal for healthcare organizations that require extensive integration, cater to a wide range of medical services, or prioritize in-person patient interactions.

Reviews of DermatologistOnCall

Below, we've summarized the pros and cons of the platform, as described in the online reviews.

Positives in DermatologistOnCall's Reviews

  • Fast response time: The review highlights SkyMD's quick response time, which is appreciated by users seeking timely dermatological consultations.
  • Intuitive website: SkyMD's website is praised for its ease of use and navigation, making it simple for users to submit photos and receive feedback from doctors.
  • Individual experiences may vary: The author mentions a Reddit post with a different experience with DermatologistOnCall, indicating that user satisfaction can be subjective and dependent on individual circumstances.

Negatives in DermatologistOnCall's Reviews

  • Higher price and longer response time: Compared to SkyMD, DermatologistOnCall was mentioned to have a higher price and a longer response time for consultations.
  • Detailed security questions and password issues: The author criticized the website for asking detailed security questions during account creation and mentioned difficulties in changing passwords.
  • Varied user experiences: The author acknowledged that others may have had different experiences with the service, indicating that satisfaction can be subjective and dependent on individual circumstances.

Alternatives to DermatologistOnCall

If you're looking for alternatives to Epic in scenarios where it may not be the best fit, we've got you covered. Here are two EMR alternatives for each of the three less ideal scenarios mentioned earlier:

Healthcare organizations requiring extensive integration with other medical specialties:

  • Cerner: Cerner's Millennium EMR offers a comprehensive suite of applications that cater to various medical specialties, making it a suitable choice for organizations needing extensive integration and collaboration across departments.
  • Allscripts: Allscripts provides a range of EMR solutions, including Sunrise, which is designed for multi-specialty healthcare organizations and supports seamless integration with other medical services.

Large hospitals with complex workflows and a diverse range of medical services:

  • MEDITECH: MEDITECH's Expanse EMR is designed to handle the complex workflows and diverse medical services of large hospitals, offering a wide range of features and modules to support various departments and care settings.
  • athenahealth: athenahealth's cloud-based EMR solution is scalable and adaptable, making it a suitable choice for large hospitals with diverse medical services and complex workflows.

Healthcare providers that prioritize in-person consultations and physical examinations:

  • Greenway Health: Greenway Health's Intergy EMR is designed to support both in-person and virtual consultations, making it a versatile option for healthcare providers that prioritize physical examinations and face-to-face interactions.
  • NextGen Healthcare: NextGen's EMR solution offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for in-person consultations, including customizable templates and tools for physical examinations, while also supporting telehealth services.

How you can use Tennr to get the most out of your EMR.

At Tennr, we understand the challenges that come with using an EMR like DermatologistOnCall. That's why we're here to help. While we're not an EMR ourselves, we excel at integrating with them to automate those repetitive tasks that can bog down your team and your business. Our goal is to streamline your processes, making things run more smoothly so you can focus on providing top-notch patient care.

Opportunities for automating EMR tasks.

Here are a couple of places in DermatologistOnCall where bringing in Tennr could really help. Check out Tennr and sign up today to explore how we can help you!

Inbound Referrals:

We can streamline how you handle incoming referrals in DermatologistOnCall. It uses AI to pull patient details and then RPA (robotic process automation) to set up new patient profiles and book appointments. This not only saves time but also cuts down on those tedious data entry mistakes. Here's a quick demo of how we do this at Tennr! 👇🏾

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Processing:

We also simplify the process of managing incoming EOB (Explanation of Benefits) documents in DermatologistOnCall. It efficiently identifies essential information, such as claim numbers and CPT codes, and seamlessly integrates these payments into the EMR. This enables quicker processing and reduces concerns about inaccuracies in payment details.

Patient scheduling:

Small to mid-sized healthcare providers often struggle with managing unstructured external referrals, while larger ones grapple with patient scheduling inefficiencies, especially for follow-up procedures. Tennr addresses this by automating the process using patient demographics. For instance, it sends casual messages with booking links to younger patients and morning calls to older ones, effectively reducing friction and enhancing patient engagement for streamlined scheduling.