Turn your knowledge base into your most productive asset

Tennr is your company's custom AI assistant that accelerates research, answers complex questions, and generates custom reports instantly.
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What is the demo video about?
Trey shows how a seller at a payment processor company would prepare for a call with a major retailer. Using information from his CRM, summarized online research, and questions about past use cases, he shows how a rep can be an expert on their buyer in under 3 minutes.
An AI assistant, fully custom to your company

By training a large-language model (LLM) on your existing knowledge base, Tennr can use your company philosophy, strategy, and offerings as context to help you quickly research and create.

Research at record speeds

Instantly synthesize long regulatory filings, news articles, company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other public sources into easy-to-read summaries.

Access Tennr from anywhere in your browser and accelerate your team's research.
Find answers buried in documents

Tennr digs through your docs to find instant answers.

Make corrections to any answers so Tennr evolves with your business.

Ask questions, get answers
Generate reports

Do in-depth research and generate instant reports .

Keep your data secure with a private LLM

Tennr ensures that you maintain full ownership of your data and that it is never used to train models outside your own.

Peter Love
Account Executive

I knew something like this should exist by now. Tennr removes hours of daily busy work, leaving more time to take calls and prospect.

Floating Data Sources


FAQ Feature or Security

With the security solution that is right for your business.
Cloud Hosted
Cloud Hosted

Seamlessly connect to your databases or 3rd party APIs to populate the right data inside the Tennr builder.


Alternatively, deploy Tennr's self-hosted agent and keep all user data protected behind your company's VPC.

Smart Query Editor
Smart Query Editor

Either way, leverage Tennr's query editor to securely bring the right data to the right users every time.

Insights for your users
Share what's important
Business users want relevant data delivered to them, not tucked away in an analytics tab.

Tennr is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for companies to build beautiful client-facing reports that connect to your data and deliver directly to your users.
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Visual Builder

Use Tennr's world-class visual editor
to build stunning and informative dashboards.

Fully Configurable

Start with basic pre-sets, then let your users configure what data they see and when they see it.

It's time to put your knowledge base to work

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