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Turn yourPractice's
most tedious tasks into revenue.

Automate the work holding your team back from seeing more patients.
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Tennr ‘s Automated Workers take on the most tedious of tasks facing your staff

Faxed PDFs and handwritten items create needless manual work, can be hard to read, spread across multiple faxes and slow your workers.


Manual workflows create potential for gaps in care, missed information and incomplete or incorrect data.


Incomplete information forces your staff to spend precious time tracking it down, verifying it, going back and forth with offices and vendors instead of spending time on your patients and their experience.


Doing data entry by hand leads to patient backlogs, data entry errors, and ultimately slow processes which cost the patient and you.


Inefficient process lead to lost revenue, poor patient experience and possibly outcomes and certainly referral leakage


Lost revenue and messy process means missed opportunity and an inability to analyze where it went wrong.

Onboard and let Tennr optimize your practice and staff.
The Editor
A first-of-its-kind automations platform built to handle the nuances of human-decision making. Fully configurable and customizable to the intricacies of your process.
Keep your process

Tennr wedges into your existing workflow. You don't have to migrate your EHR, use new tools, or change anything about the way you work.

Intelligence that grows your practice

Tennr gives you visibility into insights you don't have when you do this work manually. For example, identifying your top referral sources so you can strengthen those relationships.

Minimize claim denials

Generate stronger claims and appeals with the same tech that insurance companies are using to deny them.

Overcome labor shortages

Tennr shrinks the amount of people you need to do back-office work, reducing turnover and freeing up your staff to focus on the work they actually want to do.

Expand patient care

Accelerate your intake and clear your patient backlog.

Implement within days

Tennr automates across any platform, tool, or system you’re using today. You don’t have to migrate your EHR, use new tools, or change anything about the way you work.

Assisted Review
Keep a specialist in the loop at any point in your workflow to make sure Tennr is transporting the right data, at the right time, in the right format.
Easy to set up, easy to use.

Connect to your existing tools using basic auth


Run your workflows and validate data with a specialist in the loop for 100% accuracy


Analyze the data Tennr structures to find ways to grow your practice

Turn messy data into your business advantage.
Business Insights
Keep tabs on every bit of data that moves through your system. Discover new insights that help you scale and help your team perform.
See how practices are using Tennr to grow without hiring.
Close the referral loop
Referral management and scheduling to stop referral leakage between PCPs, referring providers and specialists
Demographics Extraction
Register Patients
Benefit Verification
Patient Outreach
Read EoBs and minimize claim denials
Generate stronger claims with the same tech insurance companies are using to deny them
Extract EoB Data
Verify Insurance
Post Payments
Audit medical claims
Since even the largest healthcare practices are still auditing by hand
Read Auditing Logs
Flag Issues
Smart Suggestions
Medical record management and more
EMR documentation, benefit verification, in-basket management, pre-billing, dealing with rejected claims
Create Notes
Fax Organization
Update Records
Mike Stander
iSleep • Director of Ops

We've evaluated basically every 'AI' solution under the sun and they basically can either only do one thing, or they're one small feature part of some messy new system. Tennr was really the only company that was all-in-one from an automations perspective, but nicely integrates with the existing systems that we do like.

Rommy Foteh

Tennr ensures we show up at the right place at the right time, which is essential for many reasons, and it improves our patients, surgeons, hospital partners, and employees' satisfaction levels. For NMA, it's not just about efficiency it's about revenue and being the kind of partner our customers need. When we hold up our end, patients remember their great experience with NMA, encouraging our surgeons and hospitals to continue to refer to us.

Real impact for real healthcare practices.
reduction in patient servicing time
referral processing time, down from 15 minutes
of data entry errors eliminated
9.8 years
of manual work automated
Hear what technology leaders have to say about us.
Madhu Raman
Head of Automations Solutions @ Amazon Web Services
"We find that there has been a tremendous acceleration of adoption over the last 3.5 years. And a big reason is the customer benefitting from the reduction in cost and the increase in operational effectiveness."