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Free your team to focus on what really matters by leveraging custom, secure AI

Build automations as unique as your business

Lead your organization into a new era of operational efficiency — powered by custom, secure AI.

Industries transformed by our intelligent automations
  • Verification of Benefits

  • Referral Intake Processing

  • Automated Appointment Scheduling

  • DDQ & RFX Generation

  • Intelligent Web Scraping

  • Statement Processing

  • ACORD, Supplemental, & Submission Processing

  • Bespoke Underwriting

  • Proposal Generation

  • Tender & BOL Processing

  • Automated Data Entry

  • CDL & DOT Med Card Processing

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Alaris Acquistions

"Tennr feels like an extension of our team. It's brought cutting-edge tech into our systems to make Alaris smarter and faster."

Allen Darby

CEO, Alaris

Advanced AI, Simple UI

Born out of the Stanford AI lab, Tennr leverages custom, secure AI models to enable a new era of business automation. Tennr sits on top of your existing systems, unlocking your team without changing how they do business.

Instantly extract data from even the messiest of documents. From faxes to handwritten notes, Tennr can read, extract, and understand the data you need.

Creates and complete documents like RFPs, DDQs, and other templates that are accurate and maintain your company voice.

You can upload data into any system, regardless of how that data comes in and whether there are API endpoints to use.

Incorporate decision-making into any automated web task with AI-powered RPA. Tell it what you want to find and let it take care of the rest.

Different tasks require different skills and AI models are no different. Tennr custom trains task-specific models for to optimize performance for any workflow.

Deploy Tennr securely on-prem or behind your VPC on any cloud provider.

Tennr automations are different

No technical team required

You won’t need internal or external developers to take advantage of our AI tools. Our platform sits on top of your existing technologies. No complex integrations necessary, no existing technology disturbed, no feathers ruffled.

You're in control

Technology projects used to be magical black boxes in special rooms, that only the creators knew how to control. We don’t believe in that way of working. We’re here to help *you* take advantage of AI. You’re in control, you’re in the driving seat.

Plain English

It can feel hard to keep up with the endless acronyms and technical AI terms. But we care more about genuinely understanding your problems, than trying to impress you with techno babble. We strive to do that using the simplest, least technical language possible.

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